Recruitment for School of Natural Science researcher

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

1.Candidates and Eligibility

Recruitment Area

Expected number of people

Eligibility and Benefits



Recruitment Area



Postdoctoral Position(Electro-nano chemistry experiment)


[Main task]

– Performing Research Projects


– An applicant should have a doctoral degree by February 29, 2020.

– An applicant should have at least two SCI published papers relevant to Electro-Nano-Chemistry Experiment Sphere.(Each Publication Date must not be more than three years from the date of job application.)


-2020.03.16.~2020.08.31.(5.5 months)

-5 days a week (Mon. ~ Fri.), 8 hours a day (9: 00 – 18: 00)

-From 1,800,000 KRW to 2,500,000 KRW / per month, before tax

※ Notice
1) The criteria for accreditation of official English grades are limited to those published within 2 years of the application deadline.
2) The number of applicants can be reduced if there is no qualified person
3) Candidates can be selected as candidates for employment, and candidates can be hired according to the candidates’ rankings if the candidates for recruitment are found out or there are vacancies in the same field within six months of appointment.

○ Contract period: 2020.03.16. ~ 2020.08.31. (5.5 months)
* Refer to Notice by Recruitment Area for details.
* Researchers are contracted for up to 1 year and can be re-signed through evaluation.
○ Working hours: 5 days a week (Mon-Fri), 8 hours a day (9: 00 – 18: 00)±α
* Refer to Notice by Recruitment Area for details.
○ Salary: from 1,800,000 KRW to 2,500,000 KRW (before tax)
○ Salary Source : Principal Investigator, Prof. Kwang S. Kim (School of Natural Science)
– Innovative Nanomaterials and Nanodevices (Project No. : 2.190214.01)

3.Reasons for Exclusion, Restriction of Support Age, and Others
○ exclusion
– Eligible physical examination or reasons for disqualification of employment under Article 33 of the National Civil Service Act. Those who have been rejected as a result are excluded from appointment.
– Persons whose identity has been identified as a result of an inquiry and a survey of candidates for recruitment (final interview candidates) in accordance with the original rules may be canceled through discussion.
– If a person is found to have a final appointment and has been found to be false, application forgery, or fraudulent employment is found, the appointment may be canceled if a reason for disqualification under Article 33 of the Civil Service is found.
○ No age limit
○ Other
– Photo registration, school name, credit, family relations, family name, date of birth, and physical condition are not allowed in the application form due to blind employment.
– Those who are eligible for work protection are given additional points according to related laws (5% or 10% of the perfect scores by stage)
– In case of the disabled, additional points are granted to promote employment of persons with disabilities (5% of perfect scores by stage)
– You must be able to work immediately after appointment.

4.Document Receipt and Selection Method
○ Recruitment notice and documents submission period
: 2020.02.13.(Thur) – 2020.02.27.(Thur) 24:00 (15 days)

○ Document Receipt Method
– Recruiter E-mail: / 052-217-5403
– Documents to be submitted: Application form, self-introduction letter, job and research performance record, personal information third party
1 copy of each written offer agreement (see attached forms)

※ How to apply

∙ The submitted documents are converted into PDF files (after scanning) and sent by e-mail.

∙ Subject: “Support for recruitment of researchers from UNIST SNS ‘Recruitment Area or No.’ : OOO(Name of the Candidate) ”

∙ Note: Applications should be received by 24:00 on the due date

○ When filling out the application form, the relevant documents must be prepared in advance. Successful applicants will be canceled due to erroneous input.
All responsibility for harm lies with the applicant
○ According to blind employment, there is no entry of photograph, school name, credit, family relationship, family name, date of birth, and physical condition.
○ The following contents and conditions are also prohibited from the application: Name of school, family relationship, date of birth, person, and body

○ Selection Method: Document Screening, Interview


Document review

Evaluate the suitability of recruitment area select 3 times the number of expected employees in order of the highest total score.


Evaluation of research performance and specialties and job performance ability in recruitment area

– If there are no qualified candidates for the screening process, the applicants may be reduced or not selected.
– Employment protection subjects will be granted additional points according to the related laws (5% or 10% of the perfect scores)
– In case of disabled persons, granting points by type to promote employment of persons with disabilities (5% of total marks by type)

○ Recruitment candidate
– Job candidates are selected within the scope of the number of applicants in the order of the high score of the interview.
– If there is no qualified person as a result of the interview, the original number of candidates may be reduced or not selected.
– Criteria for Handling Successful Candidates by Ties
․ In case of tie in each stage of the selection, (priority) veterans, (priority) persons with disabilities,
(Priority 3) High school graduates, (Priority 4) Non- metropolitan area talents, (Priority 5) Higher English test scores (Priority 6)
※ If there is no qualified person, applicants may not be selected.

○ Final appointment
– If there are no special matters after conducting an identity check and hiring examination for public officials, hiring candidates will be finally hired.
– The appointment can be canceled if false facts are found in the documents submitted after the final appointment has been confirmed and appointed, or if the reason for disqualification under Article 33 of the National Civil Service Act is found.

5.Recruitment Schedule
○ Schedule (※There may be some changes to the schedule.)
– Application Submission: 2020.02.13.(Thur) – 2020.02.27.(Thur) 24:00(15 days)
– Announcement of successful applicants: 2020.03.05.(Thur)
– Interview: 2020.03.06.(Fri) – 2020.03.07.(Sat)
– Appointment scheduled for: 2020.03.11.(Wed)

○ Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) School Natural Science administration office.
Tel: (052) 217-3605,
-Address: No. 50, 108-dong 701-12, Unist-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan