UNIST at a Glancemore

  • Vision

    World Leading University to Advance Science and Technology for the Prosperity of Humankind

  • Goal

    To be ranked within one of the world’s top 10 science and technology universities by 2030

  • School(Department)

    • 3Colleges15Schools2Departments
  • Professional Graduate Schools

    • Programs
  • Specialized Graduate Schools

    • Program
  • UNIST Members

    • Faculty498
    • Undergraduates2,254
    • Graduates2,263
  • Campus

  • Research

    External Research Projects: 6,507(Jan 2009 ~ Feb 2020)

  • IBS(Institute for Basic Science)

    3 IBS Campus Site Labs

  • Intellectual Properties(2013~Feb,2022)

    – # of applications filed (Domestic) : 3522
    – of applications filed (International) : 1026
    – of patents registered (Domestic) : 2142
    – # of patents registered (International) : 286

  • Research Grants per Faculty(2013~Feb,2022)

    – Research Grants: 949,914 / * Research grants: million won
    – No. of Project : 7,309

  • Faculty Publications(2013~Feb,2022)

    – Journal Papers : 10253
    – SCI(E) Papers : 9380
    – SCI(E)/Faculty : 4.08
    – Evaluation based on scientific publishing:
    FWCI (Field-Weighted Citation Impact) :
    1.64(2014 ~ 2020)

  • Research Facilities

    Investment in Research Equipment (Cumulative): $140 million USD

  • UNIST Footprint

    • Opening
      March, 2009
    • First Graduation Ceremony
      February, 2013
    • Launching of UNIST, as a government-funded research institute
      September, 2015



UNIST is a warm and welcoming post-secondary institution located in the heart of Korea’s largest industrial city, Ulsan, South Korea. Since its opening in 2009, UNIST has truly become one of the world’s leading science and technology universities. UNIST aims to be ranked within the top 10 science and technology universities by 2030.

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    About UNIST

    Since its opening in 2009, UNIST has truly become one of world’s leading science and technology universities, despite being younger than its peers.

  • UNIST Identity

    UNIST Identity

    As UNIST competes for the best students, world-class faculty, and staff across the globe, it has become increasingly important to express one clear and consistent visual identity to maintain a strong and positive image for UNIST. This page provides the basic guidelines for UNIST’s identity, including how to use the primary logotypes.

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    Media Resources

    UNIST offers a variety of photographic and other available resources in print, web, and video to effectively promote and advertise UNIST’s educational products and services.

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    Visitor Information

    UNIST’s environmentally pro-active campus supports educational research activities in the field of cutting-edge technology. The UNIST campus is in harmony with nature and is full of stunning plant life, enabling students and faculty members to experience the beauty of the changing seasons.

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    Giving to UNIST

    Your gifts to UNIST can make a difference in the lives of our students and educators. Join us in accomplishing great things by making your gift today. Together, we can move the UNIST mission forward.

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    General Academic Regulations

    The regulations that follow are the general rules and policies of UNIST. These regulations apply to all students admitted or readmitted to UNIST from March 2009 onward.

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    Office of the President

    The President always had a dream about creating the world’s best institute of science and technology. That dream has now come true at UNIST. Here are the achievements has accomplished, as well as his vision as the president of UNIST.