Newly Admitted Student Checklist

The New Student Checklist at UNIST helps as you start on the path to becoming the newest member of the UNIST community. To help you get off on the right foot, we have compiled a checklist, which contains important information about advising, registration, housing, pre-orientation programs, and more.


  • Fees and Tuition

    Your tuition statement notification (with housing and dining plan charges, if applicable) will be sent to your UNSIT Portal email account at the beginning of March. You are responsible for verifying your current balance as fees may change due to the adding and/or dropping of classes. For more information on making a payment, please contact UNIST Admissions team. The period of time for payment may change. Payment deadline: December (Rolling Admission/International Students), May (International Students) General Inquiry: (052) 217-1120

  • English Proficiency Test

    All newly-admitted UNIST students are required to take an on-campus English proficiency test. Based on English proficiency exam results, admitted students may be required to take additional English courses when they enroll or will be restricted when registering for courses. For more information, please contact UNIST Language Education Center. Submission Deadline: before admission. General Inquiry: (052) 217-3682

  • UNIST Portal System

    The UNIST Portal system enables you to register on your program of study and keep your details up to date. Activate your Portal account to access to academic records, email, learning system, events, information, and more. For more information, please contact UNIST Information Strategy team.Registration Period: February (New Student Orientation) General Inquiry: (052) 217-1422

  • Registration for Courses

    All full-time, first year undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in required courses and will be able to choose elective courses. They are eligible to carry a minimum load of 19 credit hours or a maximum load of 21 credit hours per semester. For more information, please contact the UNIST Academic Affairs team.Registration Period: February General Inquiry: (052) 217-1114

  • Medical Examination

    All admitted students are required to get a medical examination and submit a Medical Report Form at least two weeks prior to the New Student Orientation event.Submission Period: February. If you don’t submit your Medical Report Form, you may be restricted from entering specified housing areas or units. General Inquiry: The Center for Healthcare and Counseling (052) 217-4012 / Student Dormitory (052)217-4252
  • Dormitory Application

    Start the process of applying and paying for your student accommodation. To begin your application process, log in with your Student ID or Application Number. For more information, please visit our Housing Service Application Portal.Application Deadline: February General Inquiry: (052)217-4252

  • Foreign Registration

    Foreigners staying in Korea for more than 90 days must complete the foreign registration at a local(Ulsan) immigration office within 90 days from the date of entry. Simply receiving your visa is not the last step to registration, and those with visas must receive an FRC to finalize their sojourn documentation. It is illegal to stay in Korea for more than 90 days without being registered, regardless of your visa at entry. Please be sure to check for the most recent information at ( before your visit, or by calling the immigration hotline at 1345 (no area code needed).*Inquiry: UNIST Center for International Affairs (052)217-4125


  • New Student Orientation

    You will meet students and faculty members, learn about support services and familiarize yourself with the campus though a guided tour. For more information, please contact UNIST Student Supporting team.Date: February ※ For those international students, entering the university in September can attend the orientation in August. General Inquiry: (052)217-1133
  • Academic Administration

    All newly-admitted students will be given an Academic Life Guide Book. For more information, please contact UNIST Academic Affairs team or check our Academic Life Guide bookGeneral Inquiry: (052)217-1113
  • UNIST International Center

    At Center for International Affairs(CIA), we promote intercultural exchange, foster a global environment, and broaden opportunities to students by offering various international programs. For more information, please contact UNIST International Center.Location: Library, 1F General Inquiry: (052)217-4125

  • Required Health Insurance

    All international students including a visiting and exchange student staying in Korea are subject to a mandatory subscription to Korea National Health Insurance(NHI) from March 1, 2021.
    For further information, please contact the Center for International Affairs. (052)217-4125

  • Pre-UNISTAR Program

    In order to improve the academic performance of basic subjects for freshmen, we provide opportunities to participate in classes such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and AIP before admission.General Inquiry:052-217-6703

  • Student Bank Account

    The UNIST branch of Kyongnam Bank is located on the 1st Floor in the Main Administration Building (MAB). A bank account is automatically opened in your name when applying for the smart card during orientation. With the smart card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs located on-campus as well as off-campus. In addition, it can be used as a credit card.General Inquiry: The UNIST branch of Kyeonnam Bank Tel.: (052)262-1305


  • Electronic Attendance Kiosk System

    Electronic Attendance Kiosk System guarantees the convenience of managing students’ attendance. Students will use a touch-screen kiosk to record late arrival and early departure. Please contact Academic Affairs team for any further clarification or questions about the new procedures. If you arrive 10 minutes late: Attended (O). If you arrive 30 minutes late: Late Arrival (/). If you arrive more than 30 minutes late: Absence (X). If you miss a class: Not Attended (_). General Inquiry: (052)217-1113
  • Other Facilities

    The campus of UNIST offers numerous conveniences right within its gates. From any of the residences, you are only a short walk to a bank and ATMs, a convenient store, and a post office. For more information on making a payment, please contact UNIST Serve One. General Inquiry: (052)217-0119

  • Shared Kitchen Facilities

    The campus of UNIST provides shared kitchens and dining areas for all international students, living in the dormitories. To use these areas, contact the resident head or UNIST Student Dormitory.Location: 304, 305 – 1F, 306, 309 – 2F Operating Hours: 06:00~ 20:00. These facilities are available for international students, only. General Inquiry: (052)217-6976~7
  • Healthcare Center

    Location: Main Administration Bldg., B103 ,Operating Hours: 9:00~18:00 (Lunch break 12:00~13:00),Medical office: Basic health check-up, First-aid service, Over the counter drug. (052) 217-4012,Counseling Room: Counseling, Group therapy, Psychological assessment. (052) 217-4011, [email protected],Psychiatric Clinic: Psychiatrist interview and medication
  • UNIST Portal Account Login ID

    Your UNIST Portal account login ID will be used when accessing the UNIST Portal system.General Inquiry: (052)217-1433