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  • Scholarship (as of 2020)

    • (Average Scholarship per Person) 6,481,000 won
  • Dormitory (as of 2020)

    • 100.4%Dormitory
      Accommodation Rate
    • 83.2%Average
      Occupancy Rate

    Boasting the following convenient facilities: Landry rooms, student cafeterias, convenient stores, a swimming pool, and more.

  • Expansion of Research Facilities

    Expanding high-tech research facilities by 2016, receiving funding of $200 million USD

  • EcoCampus

    • Campus Gamak Pond with a 22,888 acres of shimmering water is a beautiful addition to UNIST campus.
    • Nobel Garden is a place, devoted to the Nobel Prize laureates who have visited UNIST from 2011 to present in commemoration of the significant contributions made by its winners.
    • River crossing “UNIST Nine Bridges”
  • Emergency

    052)217-0114(24 Hour Service)

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Parents and families are a vital part of UNIST’s diverse community. We strive to create a positive living and learning experience for your students, and provide them support as they navigate their future career goals.

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    New Student Checklists

    Here are some helpful links to help you become familiar with UNIST. Prepare for your transition into UNIST by reading through this checklist.

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    Campus Life

    UNIST offers many opportunities for students to find new interests on campus and enhance the student life experience through a top-notch education, taught by world-class faculty, as well as through the wide range of activities available to them.

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    Campus News

    UNIST provides a helpful guide for all parents to navigate the wide range of resources and volunteering opportunities, as well as a convenient link to the university calendar, event listings, and campus news available for their UNIST students

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    UNIST offers a wide range of fully-funded scholarship opportunities to prospective, current, and international exchange students of high academic ability with potential to be global leaders in creative science and technology. Newly admitted students are offered a scholarship that would fully cover tuition costs and admission fees.

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    Student Support

    Student Support at UNIST is committed to student success, providing co-curricular programs and counselling service to support student engagement and learning, which focus on students’ intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and skill development.

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    Global Campus

    Under its vision to be a “world-leading university to advance science and technology for the prosperity of humankind,” UNIST is enhancing its competitiveness through cooperation with scholars from international universities and institutions, as well as through international student exchange program.

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    Visitor Information

    UNIST is a refreshingly picturesque campus that offers a tranquil escape from stressful city life.
    Its environmentally pro-active campus supports educational research activities in the field of cutting-edge technology and provides students with plenty of outdoor study space.

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    Giving to UNIST

    Your gifts to UNIST can make a difference in the lives of our students and educators. Join us in accomplishing great things by making your gift today. Together, we can move the UNIST mission forward.