UNIST Admission at a Glancemore

  • Undergraduate Enrollment Overview(2009~2019)

    6,872 total , 6,509 domestic , 363 international

  • Scholarship (as of 2018)

    • No. 7, according to University Information Disclosure Standard (96.77% of a student’s tuition is supported by the scholarship)
    • Student’s tuition, supported by the scholarship 95.4%
  • Dormitory (as of 2019)

    • 130.7%Dormitory
      Accommodation Rate
    • 91.96%Average
      Occupancy Rate
  • What UNIST Looks For

      • Character: passionate, global-minded individuals
      • Honest and considerate individuals
      • Globally minded individuals with curious minds
      • Individuals who are successful in their field of study
      • Self-initiated, creative, talented individuals in their field of study
      • Individuals with self-directed learning capabilities
      • Gifted, creative, and talented individuals in a specific area
      • Individuals who chase after their dreams
      • Individuals who can contribute to and share in the UNIST’s vision

UNIST is committed to providing the best education to its students. The admissions process consists of a fair and comprehensive written review of all applications, followed by an interview to determine potential success at UNIST. Make your dreams come true at UNIST.