UNIST Academics at a Glance more

  • Goal

    Cultivating creative and global leaders in science and technology through creative reforms in learning and teaching.

  • Strategies

    • Creativity
    • Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Globalization
    • Creativity: IT-based student-centered discussion classes (flipped learning)
    • Interdisciplinary: All professors are appointed to undertake two or more schools.
    • Globalization: All courses at UNIST are conducted in 100% English/ Expansion of foreign professors and students by 20%
  • Special Education at UNIST

    • The only institution in Korea where 100% of lectures are conducted in English
    • IT-based student-centered discussion classes (Flipped learning)
  • Faculty

    A Total Number of Faculty Members: 770 Full-time Professors: 322 Part-time Professors: 448

    • Average Age of Professors45.9 years old
    • Foreign Professor Rate11.8%

UNIST tries its very best to cultivate future global leaders. All academic courses at UNIST are conducted in English to promote globalization and of its research and education.

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    Colleges and Schools

    All students are enrolled as non-majors and required to major in two or more tracks to build their own creativity. During their freshmen year, students learn basic science and cultural education and upon completing freshmen curricula, students choose to study major fields of their choice.

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    Graduate Programs

    The graduate programs, offered at UNIST are divided into three areas of specialization: Creative Design Engineering, Interdisciplinary Management, and Technology & Innovation Management.   professional degree programs, UNIST strives to enhance the professional and career skills of its graduate students.

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    UNIST offers a wide range of fully-funded scholarship opportunities to prospective, current, and international exchange students of high academic ability with potential to be global leaders in creative science and technology.

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    Academic Support

    Academic support services, offered at UNIST help students achieve their academic goals. UNIST runs highly specialized curriculums through various training classes, related specialties, and high tech educational facilities to cultivate global talents.