Work-Life Balance System Guide Detail

Pregnancy Period

  • Working hour reduction during pregnancy period

    We support the working hour reduction system during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage, stillbirth, and premature birth for female employees and to protect pregnant employees’ health
    • 1. Reference: Article 56-5 of the Rules of Employment
    • 2. Applicable to female employees who are pregnant within 12 weeks or after 35 weeks and 1 day.
    • 3. Details
      • Work hours are reduced by 2 hours per day without reduction of the wages.
      • The workers may select work hours by themselves (e.g., from 9:00 to 16:00, from 11:00 to 18:00, etc.)
      • The workers whose daily working hours are less than 8 hours per day may reduce their work hours to be 6 hours per day.
      • Pregnancy Within 12 weeks
        From 13 weeks to 36 weeks
        Not covered period
        After 35 weeks 1 day of pregnancy
    • 4. Application
      • Submit an official document with application form and doctors’ notes attached at least three days before the date of work hour reduction.
      • To finish or change your work hour reduction, submit the relevant application form to the Human Resources Team
      • Prior consultation within departments
        Submit application forms through official documents
        Review the application submitted
        HR Team
        Receive an approval from the President
        HR Team
        Reduce work hours
    • 5. Download Forms
      • Please click HERE to download the application form.
    • 6. Treatment
      • Wages and benefits are same as other full-time workers
    • 7. Contacts
  • Prenatal diagnosis time granting system

    During pregnancy, examinations are needed to check fetal growth and development and mothers’ cyclical health management. The prenatal diagnosis time granting system reduces the burden on mothers who must take leave for regular examinations during pregnancy and supports health checkups of the fetus and mother and thus ultimately supports female employees in delivering healthy babies.
    • 1. Reference: Article 57 of the Rules of Employment
      2. Applicable to pregnant female employees
      3. Details
      • Time required for regular medical examination for pregnant women (travel time, medical checkup time, etc.) is granted as paid with no deduction from the annual leave.
      • In principle, the fetal examination time is used in accordance with the following standards:
      • (An exception may be allowed at a specific time or frequency if it is a regular health checkup for pregnant women in accordance with Article 10 of the Mother and Child Health Act)
      • UNIST 일, 가정 양립 지원제도 가이드 중 태아검진시간 부여 제도 정리 표입니다.
        Pregnancy Period Number of Usage
        Within 28 weeks Once per 4 weeks
        From 29 weeks to 36 weeks Once per 2 weeks
        After 37 weeks Once per 1 weeks
      4. Application
      • Portal > Human Resources > Work Time & Vacation > Vacation Request > Prenatal Check Up Leave *Evidential documents should be attached to check your pregnancy period (e.g. pregnancy diagnosis, maternity handbook)
      5. Contact
      Consideration for pregnant female employees
      • Night work and holiday work should be avoided.
      • Working overtime should be avoided, and if they ask for a work transfer to easier tasks, it should be approved.
  • Subfertility treatment leave system

    The subfertility treatment leave system may be used by both female and male employees experiencing difficulty in conception. Through a leave of absence, we support those employees in receiving personalized treatment for subfertility and finding psychological stability without stress.
    • 1. Reference: Article 17 of the Rules of Employment
    • 2. Applicable to both male and female members of UNIST who wish to use leave to receive subfertility treatment, such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.
    • 3. Details
      • Three days of special holiday are given
    • 4. Application
      • Portal > Human Resources > Work Time & Vacation > Vacation Request > Fertility Leave * Evidential documents should be attached to verify your subfertility treatments.
    • 5. Contact