UNIST Sports

UNIST teaches the understanding of true sportsmanship to its students, while actively promoting healthy lifestyle choices through quality sports programs.

UNIST는 지・덕・체를 갖춘 글로벌 리더를 양성하기 위해 체육활동을 장려하고 있습니다.
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Cultivating Global Leaders through Sporting Activities

UNIST offers many opportunities for students to find new interests on campus and enhance the student life experience through the wide range of activities available to them. By organizing student sporting activities and developing a high-quality UNIST rowing team, the University aims to cultivate students’ sportsmanship and leadership skills.

  • On-campus Sports Clubs

    There are 16 on-campus sports clubs, led by the Student Clubs Association and these include rowing, soccer, basketball, baseball, badminton, tennis, Taekwondo, and boxing. Through the regular athletic competition, held among engineering universities such as KAIST and POSTECH, UNISTars develop their physical strength and accumulate friendship with other competing universities.

  • On-campus Sports Facilities

    • 축구장Soccer Field
    • 실내 체육관Indoor Gymnasium
    • 헬스장UNSIT Sports Center
    • 골프장Indoor Golf Driving Range
    • 수영장Swimming Pool
    • 스쿼시장Squash Court
    • 농구장Basketball Court
    • 테니스장Tennis Court

    UNIST offers a wide range of sporting and recreational opportunities, such as tracking courses. UNIST also boasts a vast number of both indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including indoor golf driving range and dance studio. Local community members can gain access to these sports facilities.