Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Welcome to UNIST Undergraduate Scholarship Program



  • – Cultivation of creative leaders that excel in science and technology
  • – Enhancement of public interest in education by reducing the burden of education expenses for low-income students

Types of scholarships

Types of scholarships of Table
By funding organization By purpose
– On-campus: Scholarship funded by UNIST
– Off-campus: Scholarship funded by a granting organization other than UNIST such as government, company and etc.
– Tuition fee waiver scholarship: Scholarship provided for paying admission or tuition fee
– Living scholarship: Scholarships not for tuition purposes, such as living expenses, teaching assistant, work-study and overseas study

Prohibition on Double Benefit

  • – No scholarship may be combined with another scholarship except when the total amount of on-campus and off-campus scholarships is less than tuition fees
  • – Exception: The case admitted by the president of UNIST such as a work-study scholarship, overseas study scholarship, aid for textbooks or living expenses, and so on
  • – Priority in duplicating tuition scholarships : ① Off-campus/ National merits ② Government scholarship ③ On-campus scholarship

Restriction of Scholarship

  • – Students who enrolled exceeding the class period according to school regulations
  • – Students who received an academic warning or disciplinary action in the previous semester
  • – Students who apply for the academic leave of absence except for military services or illness during freshmen year shall not be selected as a on-campus scholarship recipient upon return to school
  • * However, if academic performance is excellent (12 credits achieved, GPA 3.7/4.3 or above) after return, the scholarship will be rehabilitated.
  • – Students who drops out of state of national scholarships(science and engineering) for personal reason

Dates of scholarship payment

Important scholarship dates of Table
Date Scholarship Remarks
Every 5th Global Uni-star(living scholarship) 6 months/semester
In March and September, provide after completing enrollment
Global Dream scholarship(living scholarship)
Every 10th Student Expenses(Undergraduate) 4 months/semester
Work-study Scholarship Provide around the 10th of the next month
Samsung Dream Class Scholarship
Multicultural/North Korean Defector Mentoring
Every 25th Student Expenses(Graduate) Provided by each school office
Teaching Assistant scholarship Selected by the Educational Affairs Team
R&D Fellowship(UPF, Uni-star) For graduate school
Global Ph.D. Fellowship Scholarship for march will be provided in April after an interim evaluation.
Etc KOSAF scholarship
(National scholarship)
Provided within 20 business days from the date of deposit from the KOSAF
Etc Provide whenever it is required
※ The schedule may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

List of Scholarship

  • * All undergraduate including freshmen students must apply for Nation Grant(Type 1) of KOSAF to be selected as UNIST scholarship recipient
  • * Common Requirements for scholarships (off-campus)
  • – Enrolled within the class period
  • – Achieved 12 credits or more and designated GPA in the previous semester
  • Detailed rules for the payment of scholarships, availability of double benefits, reason for disqualification is in accordance with government guidelines and UNIST scholarship regulation and internal policies.

1. Tuition fee waiver scholarship

Off campus scholarship of Table
Organization Title Selection criteria Contents
Korea Student Aid Foundation
National Presidential Science Scholarship Students are selected in accordance with Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF) – Full tuition fee
– Academic incentive
– (Basis recipient) Allowance
National Scholarship
(Science and Engineering)
– Full tuition fee
– (Basis recipient) Allowance
National Scholarship
(Type Ⅰ&Third Child)
– Partial tuition support
Other off-campus scholarships Students are selected according to each foundation – Full or partial tuition support

On-campus scholarship of Table
Title Selection Criteria Minimum
National merit Scholarship National merits and their children 70/100 – Full tuition
Academic Performance Scholarship Undergraduate student with good academic result 12 credits or more
Full 2.7/4.3
Half 2.0/4.3
– Full/half tuition
※ 2.0/4.3 is required in the 1st and 2nd semester for full tuition

2.Living scholarship

Off campus scholarship of Table
Organization Title Selection Criteria Amount
KOSAF National
  • For undergraduates from low-income families in any year of study with satisfactory academic performance.
  • Hourly Wage: TBA; offered over the course of the semester
  • Hours of Work: TBA; offered over the course of the semester
Multicultural/North Korean Defector Mentoring Selected by KOSAF
  • Hourly Wage and work: announced by KOSAF every semester
Blue lighthouse Scholarship Selected by KOSAF
  • Decided by KOSAF
Other Scholarship Selected by each organization
  • Decided by each organization

On-campus scholarship of Table
Title Selection Criteria Minimum
UNIST Dream Scholarship
  • Provide living scholarship to Korean students from low to modest income families who demonstrate financial need.
  • ※ 15 hours of volunteering hours are required during the semester
  • 12 credits
  • GPA 2.0/4.3
  • Living expenses
Global Uni-StarScholarship
  • International student with excellent academic performance when admitted
  • ※ During the freshman year, 12 credits achieved and GPA 2.0 or above in the previous semester are required.
  • 12 credits
  • GPA 2.7/4.3
  • Gold: KRW630,000/month
  • Silver: KRW330,000/month
Global Dream Scholarship
  • Undergraduate international student
  • ※ Global Uni-starrecipients are excluded
  • ※ Minimum credits and GPA are required from the 3rd semester.
  • 12credits
  • KRW 130,000/month
    Student Expenses
    • Students who completed the application process of National Grant(Type 1) of each semester.
    • 12credits
    • GPA 2.0/4.3
    • KRW 130,000/month
    • (4 months/semester)
    Textbook Expenses
    • Off-Campus scholarship recipient(Except National Grant(Type 1))
    • ※ Double benefit is not allowed
    • Follow the rule of the funding organization
    • Maximum 20% of the tuition
    Student Body Scholarship
    • President and the vice president of UNIST student body(UG/G)
    • President: KRW 600,000
    • Vice-President: KRW 400,000

    Return of Scholarship

    • Students who are selected as scholarship recipients should return scholarships that are provided during the semester when their qualifications are unsatisfied due to change in academic standing

    • – Off-campus: follows the rule of each funding organization
    • – On-campus: When students apply for academic state changes

    • ① Procedure(Via Online): Portal→Student Registry→Status Change→Application for academic leave
    • ② Confirm the information of scholarship to return
    • ③ Deposit to the designated virtual account
    • ④ When deposit state shows complete, application for academic leave of absence on portal will be available
    • ⑤ Apply for the academic leave of absence

    • ※ In case of leave for illness or entrepreneurship, please ask you need to ask your school office to return scholarships.
    • ※ Please complete the scholarship return process before the deadline for the academic leave of absence.(Recommended date of completion for 1st semester for 2019: Thursday, April 18th)

    • – Student Affairs Team EB2(Building 104) Room E201
    • ☎ 052-217-1135,  scholarship@unist.ac.kr