Giving to UNIST Guide

Your gifts to UNIST can make a difference in the lives of our students and educators.

  • UNIST is counting
    on the vital support of
    our alumni, donors,
    and friends
  • Your ongoing support
    will make a difference in
    the lives of our students
    and educators
  • Help UNIST become
    the pioneering institute of
    science and technology
    that contributes
    to humanity

Types of Gifts

The UNIST endowment fund provides an enduring source of financial support for fulfillment of the university’s mission of teaching, learning, and research. Funds donated to UNIST are intended to provide support for a range of research activities, including research for the development of new research initiatives, as well as UNIST’s state-of-the-art research facilities. Gifts to UNIST are available to assist individual students with educational and related expenses when all other forms of financial need are not met.

Types of Gifts
General Development Funds UNIST is entrusted for its use
Designated development fund Scholarship Funds in which the usage is specified for aiding the student’s studies.
Research Funds in which the usage is specified for obtaining state of the art apparatus and research performance.
Facilities Funds in which the usage is specified for constructing the environment which will enable students to dedicate themselves in their studies.

The Benefits of Giving

We recognize and honor the generosity of faculty, staff, alumni, parents, volunteers, corporations, and foundations through a variety of benefits and tax deductions in application of their good-will.

The Benefits of Giving
Gift Clubs and Donor Recognition Over 1 Million KRW Over 10 Million KRW Over 50 Million KRW Over 100 Million KRW Over 1 Billion KRW Over 5 Billion KRW
Naming Rights to school
facilities(auditorium, classroom)
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Naming opportunities for endowment funds
check check
President’s Dinner Invitation
check check check
Health Checkup
check check check
Invitations to major school events
check check check
Invitations to contract signing ceremony
check check check check
Free access to the school Library
check check check check
Letter of Appreciation for
Issuance of donation receipt
Publishing donors’ names on website
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It may be adjusted according to budgetary circumstances. The benefits of giving are decided by the donor’s wishes, and the UNIST Development Fund Team discusses it before proceeding.

* The Holiday Souvenirs for Donors

The Holiday Souvenirs for Donors
Gift Clubs Holiday Souvenirs Period
Over 100 Million KRW Gift worth 100,000 KRW Lifetime
Over 10 Million KRW Gift worth 50,000 KRW 10 years
Over 1 Million KRW Gift worth 30,000 KRW 5 years
Over 100,000 KRW Gift worth 10,000 KRW 1 year

Income Tax Deduction for Contributions

* UNIST is a registered charitable organization under the Korean Income Tax law and you are eligible to claim tax credits for all of the contributions you made throughout the year. Your contribution is deductible as an individual or corporation in accordance with Income Tax law Article 34, Corporate Tax law Article 24, and Tax Reduction and Exemption Control law Article 76, Article 88.

발전기금의 종류
Individual Donation
Entitled to claim a tax deduction, limited to 100% of your annual income.
Corporation Donation Entitled to claim a tax deduction, limited to 50% of your annual income.
Inheritance Donation 100% of your contributions are exempt from inheritance tax.

How to Give

Donors may make one-time gifts or sustaining pledges to UNIST using the Giving Form (PDF) below. Please print out a Giving Form (PDF) and submit your payment to our office via fax or email. For a printed form, put the completed form in an envelope marked “Confidential” and return it to the following address.

  • Giving to UNIST, UNIST Development Fund office, Main Administration Bldg., 50 UNIST-gil, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, South Korea, 44919
  • E-mail :
  • Tel : 052-217-1282
  • Fax : 052-217-1289