Special Visit by Elsevier Chairman Youngsuk Chi

Special Visit by Elsevier Chairman Youngsuk Chi

Thursday, May 03, 2018

10:00am ~
  • Place : UNIST
  • Participant : UNIST President Mooyoung Jung, Elsevier Chairman Youngsuk Chi, Dean of Public Relations at UNIST, and President Yongsoo Jeon of Elsevier Korea

Elsevier Chairman Youngsuk Chi will visit UNIST on May 3, 2018.

B.A. in Economics at Princeton University, U.S.
M.B.A. Columbia University, U.S.
Honorary Doctor of Literature, Sejong University, Korea

2017-Present Outside Director, Maropost Inc., Canada
2017-Present Outside Director, Ingram Industries, U.S.
2017-Present Chairman, DGIST Presidential Advisory Committee
2017-Present Visiting Professor, Yonsei University
2017-Present Visiting Chair Professor, Sungkyunkwan University
2016-Present Chairman, Future Education Society
2015-2016 Chairman, Special Committee on Future Education, Ministry of Education
2011-Present Chairman, Elsevier
2009-Present Director of Corporate Affairs, RELX Group
2009-2011 CEO, Elsevier Science & Technology
2005-2011 Vice Chairman, Elsevier
2002-2005 Chairman, Random House Asia
2001-2002 President & COO, Random House
1996-2000 Chairman, President & Co-Founder, Lightning Source
1996-2000 President & COO, Ingram Book Group