Notice for Ultra-fine dust disaster response drill

Friday, November 15, 2019

from 6am to 4pm
  • Place : In UNIST
  • Participant : All vehicles registered for regular parking in UNIST
  • Department : Human Resources Management
  • Staff : TaeHyeong Noh
  • Contact : 052-217-1164
  • E-mail : [email protected]

On November 15th, please participate in the “Ultra-fine dust disaster response drill” organized by the Ministry of Environment.

Please observe Fine dust emergency measures as follows

○ Date: Friday, November 15, 6am to 4pm

○ People concerned: All vehicles registered for regular parking in UNIST

○ Details
When the government issues a fine dust pollution alert,
1. No operation on all UNIST public vehicles (Excluding eco-friendly vehicles*)
—–* Electric cars, Solar-powered cars, hybrid cards, Fuel-Cell Electric cars
2.  Implementation of alternate no-driving system
——On the 15th, an odd number, vehicles with an odd number at the end of license plate may drive.
——This excludes eco-friendly vehicles, disabled vehicles, emergency vehicles, pregnant women, child and disabled passenger