Information on 2016 UNIST Matriculation Ceremony

Monday, February 15, 2016


[Information on 2016 UNIST Matriculation Ceremony]

□ Date, time, and place
○ Date and time : 2016 February 24th(Wed) 11:00
○ Place: UNIST Gymnasium
※Parents and guests are asked to take a seat ten minutes before the ceremony begins.

□ Events
○ Part 1 Matriculation
– Allegiance to the Nation, Report on Educational Matters, Introduction of Attendees, Oath of the Representative of the Freshmen, Conferment of Scholarship Certificate, Address of the President, School Song

○ Part 2 Meeting for Parents (BAB 111)
※ The orientation for the freshmen proceeds after the matriculation ends.
OT for Freshmen: February 23rd(Tue) ∼ February 26th(Fri)