Design Show UNIST 2021: (p)review

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

  • Place : 1F Design Showroom, UNIST Engineering Bldg. 104
  • Participant : Faculty, Students, Staffs of UNIST
  • Department : Department of Design
  • Contact : 052-217-3561
  • E-mail :

[2021 Design Show] 

November 17(Wed) ~ 21(Sun)



ㅁ GAHUI YUN (Bachelor’s degree, 9th semester): moli

–  Products to look up photos by selecting and locating blocks

ㅁ YUNGU KANG (Bachelor’s degree, 11th semester): Dezzle

–  IoT device for improving dementia symptoms by assembling the memories in a form of photos

ㅁ JONGHYUN HAN (Bachelor’s degree, 10th semester): Reco

–  Application to make consumers’ coffee lives more enjoyable

ㅁ JU HYEOK YOON (Bachelor’s degree, 10th semester): Eggy

–  Robot pet to release the stress of users

ㅁ JOONGSOO KIM (Bachelor’s degree, 8th semester): Squatamin

–  Easy and fun home exercise device for middle-aged users

ㅁ DONG HYEOK YOO (Bachelor’s degree, 9th semester): Plop

–  An application analyzing the user’s consumption history based on life satisfaction to improve the quality of life

ㅁ IN HYEOK CHOI (Bachelor’s degree, 8th semester): Pinita

–  An interactive table with a moving artifact that shows the time progress until a certain occasion

ㅁ ODELIA KEZIA (Bachelor’s degree, 7th semester): Solace

–  A digital service that brings parents of individuals with special needs together, providing both emotional and practical support

ㅁ JIHYEON KIM (Bachelor’s degree, 10th semester): GAJA

–  Non-real time voice chat application to help the elders walk more happily


ㅁ 17th: Boram Noh, LGe, 3:00 pm

ㅁ 18th: Sohyeon “Kaya” Kim, Volkswagen, 3:00 pm

ㅁ 19th: Bongkyu Song, BKID, 3:00 pm

▫ Seminar meeting (ZOOM)  ID  – 859 7193 8719

▫ Passcode  – !ranimes