Additional Order and Refund of Meal Plan for the 2nd Semester 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

『 Notice for Additional Order and Refund of
Meal Plan for the 2nd Semester 2014』

25th October 2014 – 19th December 2014 (56 days)

Additional placement of order and refund of the meal plan will be open for three days from Tuesday 21st October to Thursday 23rd October. Students who wish to place an order or get a refund should fill out the application form and submit it to the supplier you had chosen at the beginning of the semester. There will be no additional chance after the application period specified above.

□ Application Period and Procedure

○ Application period: Tuesday 21st October – Thursday 23rd October 5:00 PM

○ Required documents: application form, 1 copy of your resident ID card or student ID card, 1 copy of passbook that shows your bank account number

※ Placing orders do not require any documents and may be done at the cafeteria offline.

※ Please make copies of the ID card and passbook (bank account number) to fit in one A4 paper.

○ Where: Our Home – Building 301, Welstory – Building 306/307

※ Students who have purchased a meal plan of Our Home can eat only at the cafeteria in Building 301.

○ Price: 2 meals/day (302,400 won), 3 meals/day (386,400 won), shift from 3 meals to 2 meals (84,000 won)

□ Inquiries
○ 052) 254 – 0833~6 (Our Home), Seong-Ho Bae
○ 052) 254 – 5394 (Welstory), Je-Kyung Jang

□ Attachment
○ 1 copy of application form (for refunds)