3D Printing Convergence Symposium

Monday, June 13, 2016

  • Place : 3F Meeting Room, Shilla Stay, Ulsan, South Korea
  • Participant : Prof. Joon Sang Baek (UNIST), President JongJin Kang (IUCI), Prof. JongMyung Kim (U of U), YiKwon Choi (3D Factory), Manager Sae Woon Song (Sentrol), President DaeSuk Lee (CaTech), JiYeon Lee (UCCEI), and Director InSeok Hwang (Yeoul)
  • Staff : Joon Sang Baek (School of Design and Human Engineering)
  • Contact : 052-217-2720

The “3D Printing Convergence Symposium” will take place on Monday, June 13rd, 2016.

It will be participated by UNIST, 3D Factory Co. Ltd., Ulsan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (UCCEI), Institute of Ulsan Culture Industry (IUCI), University of Ulsan, and Rural Development Administration.