2016 Conference for Convergence of Technology

2016 Conference for Convergence of Technology

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10:30 am.
  • Place : Room E101, Engineering Bldg. I
  • Participant : Key personnel from UNIST, KIST, and Ulsan City
  • Department : School of Materials Science and Engineering/ KUUC
  • Staff : Hui Jun Han
  • Contact : 052-217-2432
  • E-mail : [email protected]

The KIST-UNIST Ulsan Center for Convergent Materials (KUUC) will be hosting a conference for convergence of technology on May 11th, 2016.

Founded in 2012, KUUC strives to fulfill its missions, which is to develop convergent materials and their application into energy and environmental technologies.

This conference to create a broad, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and results, identify outstanding problems, and develop new collaborations on the various areas of energy and environment.