Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We are recruiting children for UNIST Kindergarten as follows:

○ Place: UNIST Dormitory, Room 307, 2nd floor UNIST Kindergarten
○ Time: From 08:00am to 08:00pm in weekdays
○ Number

Classification Max Recruitment Date of Birth Fee Notes
Full 1 year old 7 1 2013. 1. 1 ~ 2013. 12. 31 ₩347,000 ※Based on 2014: All fees were supported by government
(except for foreigners)
Full 2 years old 8 2 2012. 1. 1 ~ 2012. 12. 31 ₩286,000
Full 3,4 years old 13 0 2010. 1. 1 ~ 2011. 12. 31 ₩220,000

※ We will not accept applications for each age group in case of vacancies. But we will make an announcement if needed.
※ Admission Fee, Extracurricular Activity Fee should be payed additionally.

○ Qualification

1) Qualification: Children of teaching staff, researcher, graduate student in UNIST
– If they lose their qualification(Parents’ retirement), children may still attend to a month after the retirement
2) Enter Priority
① 1st: Foreigner, disabled persons single parent family’s child
② 2nd: Both of parents are employees of UNIST
③ 3rd: Dual-income family’s child
④ 4th: The number of children is more than 3, or the number of children who are under 7years-old is more than 2
⑤ 5th: Female employee’s child
⑥ 6th: Male employee’s child
※ Regardless of the position such as professor, employees, teaching assistant, researcher and graduate student, the entering order of priority will be applied. The work period will be considered for the applicants with the same position.
3) Entry selection method
① At regular recruitment in December, the above order will be applied in deciding acceptance and the waiting list will be made.
② For vacancies of each age group during the semester, we will accept applicants through on-demand recruitment or from a waiting list.
4) Expiration of the waiting list: the waiting list will remain until the regular recruitment of the year(December)
○ Application Period: 2014 December 9th(Tue) ~ 19th(Fri) 18:00
○ Method: Visit in person (Weekdays 09:00~18:00)
1) Place: UNIST Dormitory, Room 307, 2nd floor UNIST ergarten
2) Inquiry: UNIST Kindergarten(☏ 263-1030, 217-7090)
○ Documents for submission
1) 1 Application: Please see attached file – required
2) 1 Parents’ UNIST Certificate of registration (recent 1month) – required
3) Copy of resident registration or Family Relation Certificate (recent 1month) – required
4) Other documents(If applicable)
– Certificate of alien registration or passport: If parents are foreigners
– For dual income families, both parents should submit below documents ①,②
※ Definition of a job: work more than 8 hours per day(including lunch time), work more than 20 days per month
① Submit one of following: Certificate of registration, employment contract, appointment contract
② Submit one of following: Unemployment Insurance Detailed Insurable Qualification, Health Insurance Qualification Acquisition Confirmation, National Pension Participation Certificates, Income Tax Payment of Taxes Certificate, Receipt for Earned Income Tax Withholding, Certificate of Income Amount)
※ Application and other documents should be submitted during the application period.

○ Enter day (Tentative): 2015. 3. 2(Mon)
※ To help with the adoptation of the adopted children, parents’ orientation and consultation is scheduled, and all children will participate in the UNIST Kindergarten Orientation for 1 to 3 weeks: this can be flexible according to each group.
○ Inquiries: UNIST Kindergarten(☏ 263-1030, 217-7090/FAX 263-1040)

2014. 12. 9.

UNIST Kindergarten Director