2015 Open Access Publishing Support Program

Thursday, February 26, 2015



  • Overview
  • UNIST members who publish their articles in BioMed Central, Springer Open and Chemistry Central journals can get a 15% discount on the article processing charge (APC).
  • Support Period: January 1st, 2015~ December 31st, 2015


  • Number of Open Access Journal (Total 492 titles, Last updated in Dec 2014)
Open Access Program # Journals Subject Areas Journal List
BioMed Central www.biomedcentral.com 291 Aquatic Science, Biology, Business and EconomicsChemistry, Computer ScienceEngineering, Environment ScienceHumanities and Social SciencesMaterials Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics List
Springer Open www.springeropen.com 195 List
Chemistry Central www.chemistrycentral.com 6 List
  • All open access articles published in BioMed Central, Springer Open and Chemistry Central can be accessed on the Springer Link (http://link.springer.com/).


  • How to publish Open Access Articles
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  • What is Open Access? (http://www.springeropen.com/openaccess)
    • Open access publications are freely and permanently available online to anyone with an internet connection. Unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium is permitted, provided the author/editor is properly attributed.


Gold Open Access Author pays to make their article Open Access
Green Open Access Author deposits accepted article in a non-commercial repository※ UNIST Repository: ScholarWorks@UNIST
  • Benefits of open access publishing
    • Open up their research to a wider audience – Increase visibility, usage and impact for their work
    • Positive effect on your research performance by increasing number of citations
    • Increase visibility of researchers and UNIST