2014 LEC Fall Session

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Thursday, September 11, 2014
    "Study Smart with the LEC"   
    Language Education Center 2014 Fall Session

    * Registration Period: September 11th ~ September 19th, 2014
    * Session Dates: September 22nd ~ November 20th, 2014 (8weeks)
    * How to register: 1. Online Application: lec.unist.ac.kr
                                 2. Walk-in Application: BAB office # 301



    Class Time

    Talk Zone

    Low Intermediate

    Nate Mandigo

    Mon,Wed 18:45~20:00


    Nate Mandigo

    Mon,Wed 20:00~21:15


    Daniel Croydon

    Mon,Wed 19:30~20:45

     TOEFL Speaking

    Hazel Smith

    Tue,Thu 20:00~21:15

    TOEFL Reading

    Celeste Maturen

    Tue,Wed,Thu 19:00~19:50

    TOEFL Writing

    Celeste Maturen

    Tue,Wed,Thu 20:00~20:50

    TOEIC Speaking

    Hazel Smith

    Tue,Thu 18:45~20:00


    Won-woo Heo

    Tue,Thu 18:30~20:00


    Won-woo Heo

    Tue,Thu 20:00~21:30

    Scientific Writing

    (Graduate students only)

    Alan Stubbs

    Tue,Thu 19:00~21:15

    Workplace English

    (Staff only)

     Aiden Don (L2)

    Wed,Fri 08:00~10:00

     Daniel Croydon (L1)

    Tue,Thu 08:00~10:00

     Daniel Croydon (L1)

    Mon,Wed 17:00~19:00

      Aiden Don (L2)

    Tue,Thu 17:00~19:00





    Alan Stubbs

          Mon,Wed 12:00~12:50

    Alan Stubbs

    Tue,Thu 12:00~12:50

    Academic Prep

    Hazel Smith

    Wed,Fri 12:00~12:50


    Aiden Don

    Tue,Thu 12:00~12:50

    Real Chinese – Foundation Plus

    Jin Ling

    Mon,Wed 19:00~20:15

    Real Chinese – Forward Plus

    Jin Ling/

    Rongting Kuang

    Wed,Fri 19:00~20:15

    Korean Intermediate – 2

    Young-min Lee

    Tue,Thu 19:00~20:30

    ■ Tuition  59,000 (UNIST)/ 98,000 (Non-UNIST)

    ■ Refund Policy :  1. Withdrawal before the Session begins: 100% refund
                                 2. Withdrawal during the first week of the Session: 50% refund
                                 3. Withdrawal after the first week of the Session: No refund   
                                    (Refund Application Form must be submitted to LEC)

    Language Education Center
    TEL 052) 217-4073~4 

    2014 LEC Fall Session

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      Subject Guides @ UNIST Library

      ☞ http://library.unist.ac.kr/subjectguides

      Subject (School/Department)



      Human and System Engineering

      Sep. 23 (Tue)

      Park, Nami

      Energy Engineering

      Sep. 24 (Wed)

      Sep. 26 (Fri)

      Kwon, Yulee

      Computer Science and Engineering

      Oct. 1 (Wed)

      Nov. 5 (Wed)

      Woo, A-mi

      Environmental Science and Engineering

      Nov. 3 (Mon)

      Nov. 4 (Tue)

      Kim, Dong-hee

      Mechanical Engineering

      Nov. 6 (Thu)

      Nov. 7 (Fri)

      Lee, Eunhee

      Biomedical Engineering

      Nov. 10 (Mon)

      Nov. 11 (Tue)

      Lee, Youngcheol

      Chemical Engineering

      Nov. 12 (Wed)

      Nov. (Fri)

      Kwon, Yulee

      ※ The final schedules will be posted on the library homepage.

      ※ Register: Library homepage > SERVICES > Library Instruction

      ※ All classes are in Korean.
      If any international student wants to know these topics, please contact the librarian.

      ※ Contact information: Yulee Kwon (☎ 217-1405, kyl7539@unist.ac.kr)