Campus Life at a Glancemore

  • Library

      • 4 story building, a gross floor area of 10,000 m2
      • Providing academic materials and information services to support the UNIST’s vision and goals
      • 190,000 volumes of books, more than 10,000 titles of journals and 20 databases in Science and Technology
      • Research support services such as ‘Subject Guides,’ ‘Library Classes,’ UNIST institutional repository ‘ScholarWorks@UNIST’ and etc.
  • Dormitory

    • 9 apartment-style dormitory units (As of 0ct. 2014, 7 units are currently in Operation)
    • Able to accommodate a total of 3,870 students
        • 100%Dormitory
          Accommodation Rate
        • 92.27%Average
          Occupancy Rate
    • Boasting the following convenient facilities: Laundry rooms, student cafeterias, swimming pool, and more.
  • Student Community

    • 52Student Groups
      • Academic Fields
      • Cultural Fields
      • Sports
      • Social Fields
      • Volunteering Fields
    • 3Student Bodies
      • Student Government Association (SGA)
      • Student Dormitory Council (SDC)
      • UNIST International Student Organization (UISO)

    Cultural Events

    • Uni-Star Spring Festival
    • International Party
    • Uni-Star Autumn Festival
    • Community services in farming areas
  • Sports Activities

    • 15entries
    • 16sports clubs
      • Operating state-of-the-art sports center
      • On-campus sports leagues
      • UNISTADIUM (Intercollegiate athletic competitions)
  • EcoCampus

    • Campus Gamak Pond with a 22,888 acres of shimmering water is a beautiful addition to UNIST campus.
    • Nobel Garden is a place, devoted to the Nobel Prize laureates who have visited UNIST from 2011 to present in commemoration of the significant contributions made by its winners.
    • River crossing “UNIST Nine Bridges”

With the Gamak pond in the center, UNIST campus is in harmony with nature and is full of stunning plant life, providing students a unique home-like learning environment. In addition to the beauty of the campus, we provide a diverse range of cultural, recreational, and social activities for students at UNIST. With so many choices, students can learn new skills and discover talents and personal interests.

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    Student Life

    Approximately 3,000 students live on UNIST campus. UNIST is determined to give every student a chance for a top-notch education, taught by world class faculty, as well as many opportunities to enhance students’ life experience through the wide range of activities available to them.

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    All academic courses at UNIST are conducted in English to contribute to the globalization of science and technology. Every student is required to major in two or more tracks to create a learning environment where conducting multidisciplinary research is possible.

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    Student Activities

    The UNIST Student Body and Student Ambassadors provide a wide range of events and activities, including new student orientation, sports, and cultural events for students to develop valuable life skills, such as communication, problem solving, and decision-making.

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    Global Campus

    Under its vision to be a “world-leading university to advance science and technology for the prosperity of humankind,” UNIST is enhancing its competitiveness through cooperation with scholars from international universities, as well as through student exchange programs.

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    Campus Service

    Campus Service at UNIST promotes and supports student success and well being.
    We are committed to providing a wide range of professional and friendly health and counseling services to students and staff at UNIST.