UNIST Readmission Application for 1st semester 2016

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Friday, January 22, 2016

    UNIST Readmission Application Procedure for 1st semester 2016 is as follows:


    Applicability: Undergraduate students who dropped out or were expelled.
    – More than 2 semesters from the date of dropout or expulsion
    – Within 3 years from the date of dropout or expulsion


    Students who are not eligible for readmission.
    – Those who are expelled due to the expiry of academic period[enrollment duration] and disciplinary action.
    – Staring from students entered in 2014, students who are expelled due to three times of academic warning in total are not permitted to apply for readmission.

    Readmission Application Period
    – Students submission period : Feb. 1(Mon)~ Feb. 5(Fri), 2016
    [Submit to the Educational Affairs Team in person, Main Administration Building(201), 2F #202]

    Procedure : Submit the application to the Educational Affairs Team with academic advisor’s opinion and an approval of school head.

    Required Documents for Readmission
    – 1 copy of the “Request for readmission”(including the study plan and opinion of academic advisor on readmission)
    – 1 copy of the “Agreement of collection and use of personal information” <refer to the attachment>
    – 1 copy of the academic transcript.

    Quota for Readmission

    Engineering Field Business Administration Field Total Quota
    9 persons 3 persons 12 persons

    – Selection standard when applicants exceed the readmission quota
    : Total GPA (100%), When applicants have the same GPA, we would select by order of the old(the date of dismissal).


    Readmission Process


    Important Notes
    1) Students readmitted after academic warning expulsion will be expelled permanently upon receiving an academic warning once again.
    2) Readmission is only permitted once.
    3) Those who do not enroll after readmission are not allowed to apply again.
    4) Readmitted students shall not be allowed to take a leave of absence for the first semester after readmittance except for the reasons of illness and military service.
    5) Readmitted students should pay the readmission fee in addition to the regular tuition fee.

    ◆ Inquiry : Educational Affairs Team. Tel. 052-217-1112