2018 Genome Expo in Korea

2018 Genome Expo in Korea

Friday, August 31, 2018

2018.08.31(Fri): 10:00 ~18:00 | 2018.09.01(Sat): 10:00~17:00
  • Place : UNIST EB4(110 Bldg.)
  • Participant : Everyone who is interested in Genome
  • Department : Genome Expo 2018 Secretariat
  • Contact : 052-210-0233
  • E-mail : info@genomeexpo.com

Genome Expo in Korea

 Since the announcement of 10,000 Korean Genome Project (Genome Korea) in 2015, Ulsan city has been holding an annual ‘Genome Korea Conference’ to share and promote the industrialization and commercialization of genomics in Korea.

 We host Genome Expo in 2018 in Ulsan to share the results of Genome Korea and the research work presented by international researchers. You can see the genomics trends in Korea in terms of some industrial players in Korea and overseas. The aim of the conference is to introduce this new technological field to the general public and business sector associates.

Genome Expo 2018

Period 2018.08.31(Fri) ~ 09.01(Sat) Time 2018.08.31(Fri): 10:00 ~18:00 2018.09.01(Sat): 10:00~17:00
Place UNIST EB4(110 Bldg.)
Theme Genome information and genome industry for everyone
Event International Seminar, Genome Technology Seminar, Civic Lecture (My future life through genomics)1:1 Business Meeting for Investors, “My DNA Test” Event, Experiential Events
  • ∝ Host : Ulsan Metropolitan City
  • ∝ Organization : Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency, UNIST
  • ∝ Contact : Genome Expo 2018 Secretariat | T.052-210-0233 | F.052-210-0239 | M. info@genomeexpo.com
  • Homepage: http://genomeexpo.com/english/