Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

UNIST wants to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for public institutions of Ministry of Strategy and Finance. The government is conducting an evaluation on the level of satisfaction for some of the customers at UNIST to enhance national benefits by improving the quality of public services.

We will call our selected customers for survey.

Thank you for your cooperation.


☞ Survey target: Some of our customers who have experienced the service provided by UNIST from September 2017 to August 2018

☞ Survey method: Telephone survey

☞ Survey period: January to February 2019



This survey is conducted in accordance with Article 13, Clause 2 of Act on the Management of Public Institutions and Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Management of Public Institutions. This survey will protect your personal information in according to Statistics Act Article 33, and we promise not to disclose your information to others without permission. Your personal information will only be used for this survey.