Message from the President

To be Ranked within the World’s Top 10 Science and Technology University by 2030

University excel at
“things that must be done”
rather than simply “doing well”

UNIST will change the world.

UNIST’s remarkable growth to this day was possible by selecting and concentrating on “Doing well.” The strategy of overcoming a newly founded university and effectively using limited resources and time made it possible for UNIST to become an innovative, research-centered university. We must move from simply “doing well” to excel at the “things that must be done.”

We live in an era where the presence of technology is overwhelming. Research-centered universities should thus be able to effectively educate talented people who will lead the future through these times, to lead technological innovation, and to provide a foundation for new industrial development. The “things that must be done” by UNIST is to carry out education and R&D beyond the speed of technological innovation. To do so, we would like to propose five major tasks to realize this goal.

First, We will lead the innovation of the educational system.
Second, We will start a new convergence research centered on Artificial Intelligence.
Third, We will lead Ulsan become a Smart Industrial City.
Fourth, We will lead the change and innovation of UNIST through cooperation and communication.
Fifth, We will establish the foundation for the sustainable growth of UNIST.

We will make every effort to secure excellent new professors, the best scholars and talent needed to establish the research and education infrastructure. In particular, We will cooperate with the central government, the City of Ulsan and the Ulju-gun municipal government to expand contributions, discover new programs and attract large-scale projects.

“First In Change,” the slogan of UNIST, denotes the willingness pioneer innovation, not simply following the latest trends. In order to become an innovative school, we must have an innovative culture and system within the school.

We will exert every effort with splendid cooperation in this regard to achieve sustainable growth of UNIST.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and interest.

PresidentYonghoon Lee